Subscription Fees

The amount of the annual subscription and application fee payable by members of the Society shall be set by resolution supported by majority vote at the AGM.

The annual subscription fee for 2019 is R800 plus R800 private practice levy (if applicable). Trainees and International Members are offered a discounted subscription of R700. This fee shall be in lieu of the first annual subscription for successful applicants.

The annual subscription for all categories of membership shall become due and payable on the first business day in every financial year. Any member whose subscription is not paid by 30 April shall be removed from the list of paid-up members until outstanding fees are received. Those so removed shall not be entitled to the privileges of membership. They cannot vote or be nominated for office or represent SAMA or the Society, or be eligible for scholarships, fellowships or other awards until the outstanding fees are received.

Those members whose fees remain in arrears for two (2) financial years shall be removed from the membership list. Members so removed must reapply for admission.