SAGES offers two research scholarships in Gastrointestinal diseases.

Applicants should read the below instructions carefully prior to submission.
  • Only proposals pertaining to disorders of the Gastrointestinal tract (including pancreatic and hepatobiliary pathology) will be considered
  • Only paid-up and active SAGES members will be eligible for consideration.
  • Proposals must be written by the applicants themselves, and a substantial portion if not all of the research must be performed by the applicant themselves. Where there is collaboration this must be clearly stated and documented what the applicant’s involvement with the research will be.
  • Funds will only be released once SAGES is provided with proof of Ethics approval in the name of the Scholarship applicant. If the Ethics approval was not applied for by the applicant a letter addressed to SAGES Council must be furnished by the holder of the Ethics approval clearly stating they are aware of the applicant’s protocol, and that the applicant wrote the research protocol themselves and will be conducting the research themselves.
  • Annual updates must be provide
  • Data must be presented at a SAGES congress.
  • SAGES must be acknowledged when research data are published.
The scholarships are:
  1. The Solly Marks Scholarship

    Value up to R100 000
    Only applications where the entire study budget falls within R100 000 will be considered. This scholarship cannot be used to top up additional funding
  2. The Gastro Foundation Scholarship

    Value up to R75 000
    The Gastro Foundation must be recognised as sponsor in presentations/publications
Although the Gastro Foundation Scholarship may be used to top up other funding for large projects, preference will be given to smaller projects submitted by trainees in gastroenterology where the entire study budget falls within the scholarship amount.

Please submit the scholarship application together with the following supporting documents:
  • Proposal
  • budget
  • ethics committee approval
  • letter of recommendation from HOD
Deadline end March 2024

Scholarships Details

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