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Unexplained GI symptoms? Consider alpha-gal syndrome
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News
As confirmed diagnoses of alpha-gal syndrome are rising, experts urge GI clinicians to familiarize themselves with this condition, its often-challenging presentation, and the necessary steps for its diagnosis and management. Read More

Metachronous colorectal cancer risk according to Lynch syndrome pathogenic variant after extensive versus partial colectomy in the Netherlands
The Lancet
Extensive colectomy (subtotal or total colectomy) is often advised for carriers of Lynch syndrome with colorectal cancer. However, the risk of metachronous colorectal cancer might differ by Lynch syndrome variant, meaning that partial colectomy, which has better functional outcomes, might be adequate for some patients with low-risk variants. Read More

Study finds increased GI cancer risk among individuals with overweight, obese BMIs throughout adulthood
Pharmacy Times
A retrospective cohort study published in JAMA Network Open examined the association between body mass index at early, middle and later adulthood, with GI cancer risk and noncolorectal GI cancer), as well as the association between changing BMI and GI cancer risk. Read More

Skyrizi achieves outcomes of clinical, endoscopic remission in patients with Crohn's
Skyrizi demonstrated non-inferiority to Stelara in clinical remission at 24 weeks, as well as superiority in endoscopic remission at 48 weeks, in patients with moderate to severe Crohn's disease, according to data presented at UEG Week. Read More

Digestive diseases linked to loneliness and depression in older adults
Neuroscience News
Rising life expectancy is accompanied by a surge in digestive diseases, affecting 40% of U.S. adults. Researchers discovered a correlation between digestive diseases and rates of loneliness, depression and social isolation among older adults. Read More

Study validates pyrvinium as treatment to prevent stomach cancer
Vanderbilt University via MedicalXpress
A study published in Gastroenterology further validates that pyrvinium, a drug that has been used for decades for intestinal pinworms, can be repurposed as a preventative treatment for stomach cancer. Read More

Paging Dr. ChatGPT: How these Penn researchers are using AI to make healthcare better
Penn Medicine
ChatGPT, has been touted as a valuable tool in various medical applications. Now, researchers at Penn are studying its practical uses in healthcare. Read More


ACG 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course
When: September  October 20-25, 2023
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Organizer(s): American College of Gastroenterology
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International Conference: Gastroenterology Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
When: October 27, 2023
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
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When: November 2-4, 2023
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Organizer(s): Asociación Colombiana de Gastroenterología
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