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Intestine cell transplant may one day help ease digestive issues
New Scientist
Making tissue patches from the cells found in a healthy intestine could one day treat certain digestive conditions, according to a study in mice. The tube-shaped intestines in our bodies contain an inner layer of cells that absorb nutrients from digested food. This is surrounded by a layer of muscle that contracts in multiple ways to mix and break down food while pushing it further along the digestive system. Read More

Computer-aided colonoscopy doesn't always increase adenoma detection
Becker's GI & Endoscopy
Artificial intelligence-assisted colonoscopies may not result in improved adenoma detection, according to a study published March 9 in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. The randomized clinical trial analyzed the use of AI-enabled medical imaging platform EndoVigilant across four community-based endoscopy centers in the U.S. from September 2020 to September 2021. Read More

Dual-targeted therapy in IBD not yet ready for prime time
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News
Dual-targeted therapy has emerged as a promising approach for inflammatory bowel disease when the limits of monotherapies may have been reached, but more evidence on the safety and efficacy of this approach is needed, according to presentations at the 2023 annual Crohn's & Colitis Congress. Read More

Implications of the paradigm shift in management of Helicobacter pylori infections
Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology
The recent availability of susceptibility testing for Helicobacter pylori infections in the United Sates has resulted in paradigm shifts in the diagnosis, therapy and follow-up of H. pylori infections. This study reviews the English literature concerning changes in H. pylori diagnosis and therapy with an emphasis on the last 3 years. Read More

COVID-19 patients more likely to develop gastrointestinal disorders
COVID-19 is associated with an increased risk of developing long-term gastrointestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome. This is what has been shown by a research published in the journal Gut, carried out by scholars of the University of Bologna and the IRCCS AOU S.Orsola Bologna. Read More

6 tips for gastroenterology providers treating patients with Autism
Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News
Autism spectrum disorder, like any other comorbid condition, can be a challenge for gastroenterology providers. Autism spectrum disorder, like any other comorbid condition, can be a challenge for gastroenterology providers. Speaking with Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News, Kara Gross Margolis, MD, the director of brain–gut science and associate director of clinical and translational research at NYU Pain Research Center, gave us tips to help providers treating patients with ASD and GI conditions, such as working with a multidisciplinary team and listening to parents. Read More


26th Annual Meeting of the Asociacion Espanola de Gastroenterologia
When: March 28-31, 2023
Location: Location: Madrid, Spain
Organizer(s): Asociacion Espanola de Gastroenterologia
Learn More

Midwest Metabolic Clinical Symposium
When: April 14-16, 2023
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Organizer(s): St. Louis University Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Learn More

Seoul International Digestive Disease Symposium (SIDDS 2023)
When: April 15-16, 2023
Location: Seoul, Korea
Organizer(s): The Korean Society of Gastroenterology
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